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Welcome to High Plains, Inc.

HPI has been in business for over 30 years incorporating in 1981.

Serving the following areas; North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Texas.

HPI Specializes in all cased hole wireline services including logging, pipe recovery, pump down perforating and all associated mechanical services giving us a proven reputation for successful job completion with a very low percentage of down time. Stacked radial Receiver Bond Tools with cement mapping, gamma ray, magnetic thickness, and either 40, 56, or 60 arm caliper tools is one of the many cased hole logging services HPI offers. We strive  to save our customers both time and money. Our pipe recovery services include various free point tools, from as small as 5/8” o.d. Chemical cutters of all sizes in stock to cut pipe ranging from 1” to 7”, jet cutters, string shots, and a wide array of radial cutting torches stocked at all times to meet our customer’s demands. HPI carries pressure control equipment as large as 7 5/8” 10k operating pressure, wireline BOPs, with the ability to secure 20k pressure equipment on short notice. High Plains has an excellent reputation in the pumpdown perforating market using the best equipment, quality experienced personnel, and a large support team to be certain that we achieve the goal of exceeding our customer’s expectations both operationally and safely every time.

Subsidiary of: MBI Energy Services

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